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Handmade jewels by Anna Avakian

High Jewelry by Anna Avakian

High Jewelry by Anna Avakian

Watching his uncle work as a goldsmith during her childhood aroused her passion for jewelry design and creation. Working with major brands in Italian jewelry, she was then able to unite her family’s expertise with the techniques and taste of the Italian goldsmith tradition.

This is how the jewel collections by Anna Avakian started – symbols of luxury and preciousness made of gold and silver exclusive works of art with recognizable patterns and unmistakable details. Her mastery in uniting traditional, iconic elements from the Armenian culture with Italian craftsmanship makes her jewels unique.

Anna Avakian’s high jewelry masterpieces are handmade unique items created for people who love exclusive jewels and for very special occasions. These jewels are characterized by timeless elegance and class and destined to a charismatic, feminine and sensually fascinating personality.

Perfection in Details
Gold and silver are handcrafted, stones are set one by one, carvings are carried out with the precision and confidence of skillful, artistic hands throughout the creative process. You will be amazed by the softness of shapes in Anna Avakian jewels, in which every single detail is created to the greatest possible perfection.

From Design to Jewel
Each Anna Avakian jewel starts from an ideal of beauty and perfection. Designed by a hand that is capable of give shape to the wonder of a fairytale, crafted in every single detail by a confident hand – this is how every Anna Avakian jewels comes to life, from design to shape. Exclusive unique items designed for your body – a wearable wonder.